Amanda Currier/TSM

The Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office has completed its review of the officer-involved shooting death of DeEric Bailey. And according to the details, the officers acted appropriately in a dangerous situation.  Here's the info we've received:

Cpl. Hai Phan and Cpl. Jennifer Monereau acted reasonably in dealing with a dangerous and out-of-control motorist on Interstate 20 who posed an immediate threat to the occupants of the fleeing vehicle, officers at the scene and the driving public.
This unfortunate incident apparently stems from Bailey’s attempt to operate a motor vehicle at nearly four times the statutory level of impairment.
Cpl. Jennifer Monereau made visual contact with Bailey’s vehicle as it sat in the middle of the intersection of Cotton Street and Common Street in the downtown area just before 4 a.m. on Saturday, August 18, 2013. Officer Monereau activated her emergency lights and siren in an effort to make a traffic stop. Bailey refused to stop and drove in the opposing lanes of travel on Cotton Street and Fairfield Avenue prior to entering I-20. Bailey crashed into the rear of a Toyota Camry with two occupants just after entering westbound I- 20.
Cpl. Phan joined the pursuit as it passed the Fairfield exit ramp. The chase proceeded on I-20 at speeds in excess of 80 mph, ultimately reaching 98 mph.  Bailey’s vehicle then ran over the right shoulder of I-20 onto a grassy area embankment. The vehicle then drove back on I-20, spun out, crossed all lanes of travel and crashed into the center concrete barrier. As the two passengers in the vehicle attempted to quickly exit, Bailey drove forward again into the concrete barrier while spinning and smoking the vehicle’s tires.
As Cpl. Monereau and Cpl. Phan arrived, they began giving directions to the passengers and Cpl. Phan yelled at the driver to stop the vehicle. Bailey then reversed the vehicle almost running over the rear male passenger or pinning him between the vehicle and the concrete barrier. The reversing vehicle moved into the area where Cpl. Monereau just exited and drove the open passenger door toward Cpl. Phan.
Cpl. Phan fired approximately 5 shots at the driver as Cpl. Phan was hit with the open car door. The driver was again ordered to stop. The driver then shifted into drive and accelerated while appearing to turn the wheel toward Cpl. Phan and the female passenger in an effort to reenter traffic. Cpl. Phan fired approximately 11 shots as the vehicle reentered the travel lanes of I-20. The vehicle again crossed all lanes of travel and crashed a short distance away.
The fire department was called and transported Bailey to LSUHSC, where Bailey was pronounced deceased. Bailey’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was determined to be .304. The legal limit of impairment is .08.
The events which led to the death of DeEric Bailey were directly caused by Bailey himself.  Bailey repeatedly failed to stop when confronted with lawful direction and orders to stop his dangerous behavior.  Bailey failed to stop at the intersection of Common at Cotton streets when initially contacted by a police vehicle with emergency lights.  Bailey failed to stop on Cotton St., Marshall Street and Fairfield Avenue when confronted with a police vehicle with lights and siren.  Bailey failed to stop before entering I-20. Bailey failed to stop as a result of the screams of his passengers to do so. 
Bailey failed to stop after striking the rear of a westbound Toyota Camry on I-20.  Bailey failed to stop after driving off the right shoulder of I-20 into the grass. Bailey failed to stop before reentering I-20, spinning out and crashing into the center dividing barrier.  Bailey failed to stop when ordered to do so by Cpl. Phan while he was attempting to drive forward off of the concrete barrier.  Bailey failed to stop before reversing his vehicle toward persons behind his vehicle.  Bailey failed to stop after likely being shot and attempting to drive back into traffic.
Based on the investigation of this matter, there is no legal basis to proceed with criminal charges against Cpl. Phan or Cpl. Monereau.