Caddo Commissioner Joyce Bowman lashed out at Gov. Bobby Jindal today over his refusal to enact "The Affordable Health Care Act."  The scolding came following a joint news conference held by Democratic State Rep. Barbara Norton and Caddo Commissioner Ken Epperson,  when I asked the commissioner what she thought about the governor.

I think it's strictly political malarky, and I think Jindal needs to realize and remember where he came from. He hasn't always been where he is, and to be quite honest with you? No. This is not about politics.

Bowman, who is also a former Shreveport city councilwoman, told KEEL exclusively that Jindal's opposition to the president's health care law will backfire on him politically.

"There's so much hatred in this country now, and I'm not pleased with it, and he had just better watch his step," Bowman said.

Bowman was one of seven local and state democrats, who attended the presser in a show of partisan support for the court's ruling on Obamacare.