Voters in Caddo and Bossier Parishes have been reporting in to 710 KEEL today, with a mixed bag of wait times and line lengths.

Less than 20 minutes at a polling place off of Ellerbe Road.

University Elementary - lines about 30 deep, and wait time around 30 minutes.

Shreveport Memorial Library's Hamilton Branch - about a 30-45 minute wait, and very long lines.

Elm Grove Middle School - about an hour wait.

Kerr Elementary - wasn't too bad earlier this morning, but started stacking up mid-day.

Grace Community Church on Ellerbe Road - thousands of people, but five precincts vote there. Betty Sorrels with the church recommends you check your voter registration card to find out which precinct is yours before you stand in line.

Many people we've spoken to say the line moves along quickly as long as everyone walks in knowing how they'll vote on the nine constitutional amendments. Those are posted in each polling place, and you can find those here on our website, too. Here's the link for that, and where you'll be able to find election results after the polls close tonight.

One question I had was whether it was O.K. to bring your kids along. I've spoken to several people who said they brought theirs, and it's fine as long as they stand to your left as you vote. That eliminates any chance they'll mistakenly lock in your results before you're actually done.