A lot of folks already have their Christmas trees up at home...but some might still be looking.  And the owners of Weaver's Tree Farm in Shreveport say they've seen a lot of customers already.  In fact, Lisa Weaver says last weekend was probably the biggest she's seen in the more-than 25 years the farm has been selling trees.  And she expects this weekend to be another busy one.

So...how are the trees looking this year after the summer's drought? Weaver says the crop looks great and the trees are gorgeous -- because the farm had its irrigation system running constantly from March until two or three weeks ago.  Weaver's grows two different varieties of Leland Cypress, as well as Arizona Cypress, and brings in Frazier Firs, which are grown in the north.  She says a lot of people go to Weaver's for those, because no matter how many the owners buy, they're sitting in water and not "up against a wall, dying."

If you want to see what Weaver's has to offer, you can find it on Facebook. Just look for Weaver's Christmas Tree Farm.