A box of puppies was dumped near Blanchard. This video will break your heart.

Courtney Michelle Wingate of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana says she got a call about the puppies from her Aunt. She jumped up early in the morning to go save the babies from the heat.

She found the puppies in a box, crying for their mother. Most of them were still inside the box huddling together. Another one had climbed out of the box and was crying loudly. Hearing the puppies cry made Courtney cry, too.

Courtney scooped up the pups and took them home and is now nursing them back to health. She will be looking for a good home for these adorable pups.

"I just want to say thank you to everyone for your support," Courtney said. "It was a hard day for me, I usually don't break down but those sweet babies tugged at my heart"

What kind of human does this? Had it not been for someone to happen upon this box and report it, these pups would have surely died.