Shreveport started doing it about a month ago, now Bossier City is getting ready to do the same.  The Bossier City Utilities Department will be conducting a free chlorine burnout of its water distribution system.  

It starts Friday and is expected to last about two months. This action is being taken in response to an order from the state Department of Health and Hospitals to make sure that municipal water systems are free from the brain-eating amoeba known as Naegleria fowleri.  City officials stress that the Bossier City water system has never had any problems with this parasite.

While the burn is taking place, residents may notice open fire hydrants around the city and maybe even overflowing water storage towers.  This will be done to flush sediment from the system and to aid in the distribution of the chlorine.

The City says residents may notice some discoloration or cloudiness of their water and possibly a slight chlorine odor or taste.  But they say the water will still be perfectly safe to drink.