A Bossier City teenager has been arrested for allegedly stealing four cans of beer from CVS Pharmacy on Highway 80 in Haughton. A Bossier Sheriff's deputy got an anonymous tip that 19-year-old Tyler Mondello entered the store with a backpack on and appeared suspicious. When the teen left the store, the deputy saw him put the backpack in the trunk of his vehicle and drive off. The deputy pulled him over, and Mondello admitted to taking the beer without paying for it. Total cost for the brew...about 8 bucks. Mondello was charged with theft of goods and being a minor in possession of alcohol. In a statement, Sheriff Larry Deen says, "I want young people to know there are consequences for theft, even if it's only $8 worth of beer, it's not a path they want to take. Think twice about shoplifting, robbery and theft...it's not worth it, and you will get caught."