What started out as a traffic stop has now turned into a much larger case.  It all started when Bossier City police stopped a reported reckless driver in the 38-hundred block of Industrial Drive.  But, while they were talking with the driver, she reportedly became disorderly with the officers, who noticed that she smelled strongly of alcohol.  When they placed her in the back seat of a patrol car, they say 37-year-old Michelle Bennett kicked out a rear door window.   The officers brought in a K-9 and searched Bennett's SUV, finding a gram of cocaine, three valium pills, and a large sum of money and jewelry.  That was enough to arrest the Henderson, Nevada, woman on a beavy of charges.  But narcotics agents continued to search the SUV -- eventually finding nearly $44,000 in cash and jewelry appraised at a quarter-of-a-million dollars.  Police seized all of it -- including the SUV.