I love April Fool's Day! It goes back to all the pranks my Dad played on us as children.

He would put salt in my coffee, sugar on my eggs and he even made an ice cream sundae out of mashed potatoes! I started working on my prank a couple of weeks ago.

As we made the move to KEEL, I have a new keyboard to use in the studio. It's not like the ergonomic one I have at my desk. I started whining subtlety to the engineer and to Robert. I then whined to our Operations Manager, Erin Bristol. She tried to get it for me, but we buy keyboards in bulk and don't buy those ergonomic ones.

So, on April Fool's Day I put a big bandage on the top of my wrist. I told our General Manager Lisa Janes that I had to get a Cortizone shot. She did question getting a shot on top of the wrist, but she bought it.

Then, I worked on Bristol. I told her I was going back to the doctor for a second opinion. This did the trick! I got a text saying they were going to buy my keyboard. I couldn't let them do that; I fessed up. But you have to admit, it was a good one!