One of the players on the CBS reality show "Big Brother" admits he cheated.

Cody Calafiore, a soccer player from New Jersey, and Frankie Grande (pop singer Ariana Grande's brother) won the Head of Household Competition this week , but when it came time to pick players for the veto competition, Cody says he rigged it.

Cody made the confession to another houseguest during a private conversation, but thousands who watch the live feeds heard it. Cody apparently made sure Zach's chip was at the top in the bag so he would be picked to play in the "power of veto" competition- he was picked.

Here's what JokersBBUpdate tweeted:

JokersBBUpdates via Twitter

Who knows if CBS will do anything about it? We'll see.

Here's a funny and cute video from the live feed featuring Frankie dancing with 'Beast Mode Caleb.'