Governor Bobby Jindal is expected to sign a $53 million fee hike on uninsured drivers. 

The measure by Baton Rouge Rep. Barry Ivey will increase fees for the reinstatement of driving privileges for those caught driving uninsured. Ivey said a portion of the money from the increased fines will help establish an uninsured driver's database.

"My bill is the funding mechanism for creating the real-time database or, what we call, the Insurance Verification System," he said. "So that's the intent of the bill, that's the inspiration of the bill."

The fee increase will fund the Insurance Verification System and also state trooper salaries. Ivey hopes the new penalties will deter motorists from driving uninsured. Ivey added that one of the problems contributing to the number of uninsured drivers is the old fee structure.

"There are those who realize that paying the penalties for driving uninsured is much cheaper than paying for the insurance," said Ivey." I believe that this bill would also help push those people in the direction of actually paying for insurance instead of just going ahead a paying for the penalties."