A new report ranks Louisiana as the seventh worst state in the nation on various factors, including cost of living, crime rates, taxes, health care and weather.

Don't feel too bad: New York is rated as the worst state in the U.S. for retirees based on cost of living & high crime rates. And for what it's worth, South Dakota is listed as the best state to retire because of its low taxes, low crime and high wellness score.

These quality of life surveys are typically rife with controversy, with even the so-called "retirement" experts disagreeing with one another.

You can see the 5 best and worst states for retirees below.

Five best states for retirement

1. South Dakota

2. Colorado

3. Utah

4. North Dakota

5. Wyoming

Five worst states for retirement

1. New York

2. West Virginia

3. Alaska

4. Arkansas

5. Hawaii

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