It was another Sunday in the sun (?) for the Red River Region, SCCA (Sports Car Club of America).  We were a bit disappointed that only 30 drivers turned out today to challenge the cones on the Coleman St. parking lot. 

Our normal turnout is around 45 drivers.  Those who missed the event missed a really fun course. 

Because we only had 30 drivers, and the course was only about 40 seconds long, we decided to give everybody eight runs instead of the normal six.  There were no problems, no injuries, and no incidents.  Unfortunately, I broke something in my Mini on my third run and had to limp it back to the trailer.  But that stuff happens when you take a 49-year-old British car, modify it to the extent that I've modified mine, and then thrash it to death at every available opportunity!

If you'd care to go for a ride with me until whatever it was broke, hop in and let's go:

Our next event will be on Sunday, July 27th.  As always, you have a standing invitation to come out and see what the SCCA is all about or even drive the course, yourself.