Popular children's author Sandra Boynton, whose books include "Moo Baa La La La," "Tickle Time" and "Barnyard Dance," has come out with a new CD called "Frog Trouble."  It features popular country artists like Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss and Dwight Yoakam, and even comes with a songbook that includes lyrics, music and instructions on how to do the "Alligator Stroll."  The accompanying video has someone in it you may recognize.

"That's Josh Turner, this wonderful, low-voiced country singer," Boynton says.  "I very much wrote that song with him in mind.  He's a very excellent singer and a very playful person, and we had such a good time doing [the video]."  The music video directed by Boynton launched about a month ago.  The kids in it are just adorable!  Take a look HERE:

There's also an animated video that just came out yesterday on the "USA Today" Pop Candy blog for the song "When Pigs Fly," featuring Ryan Adams.

Boynton tells KEEL News she's worked with a variety of musicians, but she does have a favorite.  "There's no one I haven't liked working with," she says.  "I suppose no one would mind if I said working with B.B. King on my last album...how can you top that, working with B.B. King?"  Boynton not only got to work with him on recording the song "One Shoe Blues," she also got to direct a short film they did together.  "That's sort of a lifetime high, but I've loved working with every artist I've worked with."


So, what else is coming up for Boynton?  "I think I'd better do some Christmas shopping," she laughs.  "I'm a little behind on that.  Maybe clean out the closets.  Maybe answer some letters, I don't know.  It took me two years to do 'Frog Trouble.'  I hope I haven't lost all my friends.  I know that my clothes probably need organizing, but it was worth it."

Listen to my complete interview with Boynton here: