Business owners: Do you have problem that's keeping you up at night? Or maybe you'd just like to bounce some business ideas around with people like yourself? Well, now you can 'Cosolve' them with Cohab!

Whether you're a regular CoSolver or new to the program, join Shreveport's Cohab as Scott Hogg moderates an awesome session of brainstorming and solution building on its new day.

Cosolve is Cohab's member-to-member program for the challenges you're facing in your business. The new meeting time is every Thursday at noon at Cohab, downtown in the Red River District.

Members benefit directly from participatory attendance, while guests are welcome to visit and observe until they join Cohab for themselves.As Cohab director John Grindley says, 'It's every owners chance to drive their businesses to the next level.'

Grindley continues, 'You bring your business problem. We bring you solutions. But, please, RSVP (759-7997), but most importantly, show up.'

Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend and observe and allowed to attend twice.

This is brown bag lunch and free for members and guests.