A Shreveport man has been arrested by Bossier Parish Sheriff's Deputies for making bomb threats about a Bossier Subdivision.  27-year-old Kevin Larue is accused of making several calls to 9-1-1 operators yesterday (Friday) morning and claiming that he had placed pipe bombs in the Rosedale Place subdivision off Airline Drive, north of I-220.  The caller told the operators that residents of the subdivision had until 1 p.m. to evacuate.  Deputies did not evacuate the subivision but did conduct a thorough search and identified everybody entering and leaving the subdivision.

About 8 o'clock last night, they arrested Larue.  Detectives say he's admitted that it was all a hoax and that there were never any explosives.  He's now at Bossier Max, charged with five counts of communicating false information of a planned bombing.