[Update] Bossier City police have also charged Robert Posey with felony theft for stealing two deposit bags containing a total of $12,000 in cash.

(original)  Caddo sheriff's deputies have arrested a 34-year-old Waskom, Texas, man for allegedly stealing a $60-thousand deposit bag from his employer.  

Detectives say Robert Posey was working as an armored service technician for Loomis Armored U.S. when he spotted a discrepancy on an inventory log.  It showed that one of the bags received had not been reported.  Detectives say Posey has admitted to the theft -- along with two additional deposit bag thefts in Bossier.  He then led Caddo and Bossier detectives to a house in Bossier City where they were able to recover more than $65-thousand in cash -- some of which had been partially burned. Posey says he originally hid the cash in an oven and some of it caught fire when the stove was used.