If you watch the video, you will see that Sandra Fluke made some foolish statements. Fluke argues that contraception can cost a female law student $3,000 over the course of her degree.

Law school lasts three years so that would bring the out-of-pocket cost of contraception to $1,000 a year.  If one were to purchase condoms (the lowest cost form of birth control) $1,000 would purchase enough condoms to allow one to copulate 2.75 times a day for an entire year.

Just who is Sandra Fluke anyway?

That figure assumes that one does not pick up any free condoms from Planned Parenthood or other similar services found near and around college campuses.

It should be noted here that the insurance at Georgetown University does cover prescription contraception for non-contraceptive purposes (such as ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc.).  So, the type of care that Ms. Fluke is talking about when she speaks about the $3,000 bill must be for contraception.

In the uproar over this issue, many people have called into our station suggesting that Rush Limbaugh is part of a “war against women” and that KEEL should stop carrying him because of these recent comments. We want to know what you think.