April 1st is the unofficial holiday for jokes, hijinks, and foolery.  But do people actually play jokes on each other?

Joke-lopedia author Julie Winterbottom says pranks are often pulled on April Fool's Day by children and adults looking to wreak a little havoc.

"One of my favorites is the fake math homework," Winterbottom shared.  "It looks just like a worksheet a kid would get from school."

Except all the questions are impossible to solve.  Winterbottom says this makes it fun for the kids to get an easy laugh on their parents.

Winterbottom cautions, "Pick your target carefully."

You do not want to target someone who can give you a failing grade or fire you.

Winterbottom says if you fall victim to your child's prank, laugh it off and then get sweet revenge on them later, when they least expect it.

That's what we are asking today in our 710 KEEL Poll Question of the Day if you participate in this "behavior."