Yesterday was my first Barkus & Meoux parade experience...and it was pretty cool! My 4-year-old daughter was so excited to see all the animals being ushered around downtown Shreveport's Riverview Park.  We saw plenty of dogs, a few cats...and even a miniature horse, a couple of goats and a baby pig -- all dressed up to reflect the "Stars, Guitars and Animals From Mars" theme.  That pony, believe it or not, was dressed up like Elvis...and it won for best costume.  A young girl and her adorable little pup won for best pet and pet owner look-alike.

In addition to the influx of animals and their people, there were also lots of booths set up -- either selling wares or for informational purposes.  The Pet Education Project had a complete kids' section with fun games the little ones could play to win prizes.  And it came with a puppet show, a visit from the PEP cat, and a scavenger hunt of sorts -- where the kids could go around to different stations and get a card punched at each.  At the end, they got a cute prize.  Other fun things for the kids included amazing face-painting -- and clowns making balloon animals -- complete with Sharpie-faces and features.

Awards were handed out in several categories, and there was an obedience contest, too.  It was great running into several friends who brought their pets out for the event, and the little one managed to catch a few beads, and lots of candy (can we say "wired"??)

Should we have brought our cat with us?  Honestly, I'm glad we didn't.  She's already so skittish around most people...I have a feeling she wouldn't have done well with all those dogs.  But WE will definitely be there again next year!

Take a look at the rest of my photos below...