Chimp Mommy Flora and her new baby

Another surprise at Chimp Haven...nearly two weeks after 29-year-old Flora unexpectedly delivered a healty baby girl, the sanctuary says there's another impending birth -- for 42-year-old Ginger. The news is particularly shocking, since Chimp Haven is a retirement community, so all of its males are vasectomized. Pregnancy tests were given to the females in Flora's group after her delivery, and all were negative -- except Ginger's. Chimp Haven's veterinarian, Dr. Raven Jackson, conducted an ultrasound examination last Friday, to be sure the urine tests were accurate. She says the fetus appears to be between 11 and 12 weeks, so Ginger should be delivering her baby around the fourth week in July. The mystery of who the father -- or fathers -- could be is in the process of being solved. Paternity testing will be completed by comparing DNA from all the potential dads with that of Flora's new baby -- which is yet to be named. But the paternity of Ginger's baby can't be determined until the little one is born. Sanctuary officials are hoping only one male needs to be re-vasectomized, but until the father is known, all the females in the group will be kept on birth control pills. If you've ever seen the movie "Jurassic Park"...this would be an example of how "life finds a way."

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