Lon Morris College in Jacksonville has once again delayed pay to its employees.  Jessica Chile, Director of Admissions and Media Relations for the school, says that faculty and staff were supposed to receive their paychecks on March 30th, but the college doesn’t have the funds to issue the payments.  Chile says the ends of the semesters tend to strain the school’s finances because its government funding has been depleted by that time. 

The Pell Grants and other funds are given to the school at the start of the semester, which means that months like December, March, and April have a lower cash flow. 

Lon Morris officials did take steps to limit the impact of the financial problems this year, including a tuition increase and fewer scholarships, but it wasn’t quite enough to prevent delays entirely.  Chile says that the school is not certain when it will have the finances available to send out the March 30th payment to faculty and staff. 

Chile says that the school has prepared a very lean budget for next school year, which officials hope will prevent this kind of pay delay.  Next year’s budget cuts back all departments to just what is needed for operation.