James Burton's 75th birthday party Friday night was amazing, and an event I'm glad I had a chance to attend this year.

It featured tons of regional entertainers, including the Matthew Davidson Band, Dragstrip Phantoms and Johnny Earthquake & The Moondogs, a phenomenal guitar solo by the "birthday boy" himself, and a huge (and very cool) birthday cake.

It was hot and humid and people were sweaty, but that didn't stop them from enjoying all the great music. Of course, the highlight of the night was when Johnny Earthquake's group led the crowd in singing "Happy Birthday" to James. Check out the video (and I apologize for the poor audio quality):


By the way, the cake was delicious!! And if you think Mr. Burton is lacking in his guitar skills at age 75, perhaps this video will cause you to reconsider:



Enjoy these photos from the evening's festivities: