According to the Bleacher Report, at least three Alabama Crimson Tide players were provided with holographic "chips," negatively-charged water and deer antler spray before to its 21-0 BCS National Championship Game win over LSU in January of 2012.

Christopher Key of S.W.A.T.S. (Sports With Alternatives to Steroids) provided substances to Alabama players defensive end Quinton Dial, linebacker Alex Watkins and linebacker Adrian Hubbard that contained IGF-1, a banned substance by the NCAA.

This comes to light as 1130 The Tiger reported on allegations that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis used NFL-banned deer antler spray while recovering from a torn triceps injury.

In April 2011, Yahoo! reported that S.W.A.T.S. founder Mitch Ross sent a text message to a Cleveland Browns coach in 2008 to inform him that the Alabama Crimson Tide were going to "triple-chip" against Georgia that that same evening.

"Tonight Alabama is going to triple chip against Georgia," Ross texted. "And the chips are going to be the reason why." Alabama won 41-30 in a game in which they led 31-0 at the half.

The excuse, "I didn't know it was a banned substance," is the procedure when athletea are caught using performance-enhancing drugs. Alabama isn't in trouble for this, but it is something that should be watched closely.

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