Students enrolled in the Airline High School JROTC program will be given a first-of-its-kind opportunity for a Louisiana high school.

The school is partnering with the Louisiana Tech Department of Professional Aviation to bring an aviation program to AHS. Principal Jason Rowland told me it will begin in the fall, and will be offered to juniors and seniors.

"By the time they graduate, they will have the skills necessary to go ahead and complete their pilot's license," Rowland said. "This is a huge addition to our curriculum and to our offerings that'll really ... do something different and new for students at the high school level."

Rowland said he can't wait to get the program going, so administrators can see how many students it will attract. He said this is a big thing for our community.

"We're a community that, of course, is heavily-involved and has a tremendous relationship with Barksdale," he said. "So for us to be able to put some tools in the students' hands, of our military families, it's just a huge, huge, huge advantage for them."

Students will be able to take ground school courses and earn college credit through Dual Enrollment. Between their junior and senior years, students can complete the required flight hours by attending Louisiana Tech’s Summer Enrichment at Tech (SET) program or from local flight training providers.

Photo: Sonja Bailes