As a news reporter, I hear about water main breaks constantly. I never really knew what folks who had experienced that had to go through...until I had it happen to me over the weekend. I came home from work Saturday afternoon to find a huge pool of water at the end of my driveway. So I called the city utilities department and found out that a water main broke, creating a swamp in the driveway -- and the yard. Evidently, I wasn't the only one in the area to have that problem that workers were checking out other water main breaks, too. It took them a while to get out and take a look at the problem at my house -- and they came back to make the repairs late that night. By the time the family and I got up for church yesterday morning, they were gone. Here's what my driveway looked like yesterday afternoon, after things dried out a bit.

The city says it's going to fix the driveway...though I have no idea WHEN that will happen. On a positive note, the water main break didn't cause any water issues inside the house. We were without water for just a short time overnight Saturday while workers repaired the line.