I'm sure you can already tell that this summer is going to be another scorcher. Here in Shreveport-Bossier, record setting temperatures are expected that puts previous Northwest Louisiana summers in the shade.

So, I searched for and found some answers that might be helpful for you.

Keeping your air conditioner running all the time will greatly increase your electric bill.  Here are some ways to help stay cool this summer without your electric bill robbing your bank account.

Turn Off all Heat Sources

Try not to use the stove and oven during these hot summer months. Rely more on your microwave to heat food. Turn off lights, lamps, TV’s, and computers when you aren’t using them. Try using things that generate heat as little as possible.


Close the Blinds

The heat from the sun will come straight into your home if you leave your blinds and curtains open. Closing them during the day will help keep the sun's heat from in.


Open the Windows at Night

By opening selective windows at night, you’re allowing cool, outdoor air to blow into your house.


Use Fans to Circulate Cool Air

Using the fans in your house will circulate air making it less hot and muggy in your home. Turn on the ceiling fans in bedrooms and living room, and use box fans in the kitchen and in the hallway.