[UPDATE]  New information has come out in this investigation.  Shreveport Police Corporal Marcus Hines tells KEEL News the little girl was actually brought to the hospital with a cold, when doctors noticed the wrist bruising and discovered that both the girl's wrists were broken.  But he's not saying right now whether the injuries were actually inconsistent with a fall.

"I cannot verify that with any degree of certainty," Hines says.  "Someone did mention that, but not having seen that in writing, I don't want to make that official statement."  He stresses that detectives are very early on in their investigation, and will update us if any arrests are made -- or when more information becomes available.

Listen to my complete interview with Corporal Hines here:

[ORIGINAL STORY]  Child Protective Services and Shreveport police are investigating injuries to a young child as suspicious. Police tell KEEL News a 17-month-old girl was taken to the Willis-Knighton Emergency Room with wrist bruising.

Doctors say both of the child's wrists were broken, and the injuries weren't consistent with a fall. Family members and friends are being interviewed so police can find out exactly what happened.

We'll be following this story for you today, and will bring you more details as we get them.