Recently we gave you some awesome ideas of how to dress 60's style for the Flashback Party, presented by Townsquare Media! On Friday, March 1, 2013 at DiamondJacks Casino.

But if the flowery 60's doesn't sound groovy here are 12 awesome 70's styles that are hotter than a disco inferno.

  • 1

    Rock Star Rod Stewart

    Dress as Rod Stewart and the ladies will dance with you all night long.

    Central Press/Getty
  • 2

    Hippie Couple

    Peace, love, dove and very groovy.

    Evening Standard/Getty
  • 3

    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    How could you go wrong dressed like this?

    Hulton Archive/Getty
  • 4

    Disco Dancing Couple

    Dress like this and catch the Saturday Night Fever!

    Hulton Archive/Getty
  • 5


    Dress as the King for a hunk-a-hunk-a burning love.

  • 6


    No drinking and flying if you dress like this.

  • 7

    Wonder Woman

    Dress as Wonder Woman and go to the Flashback Party with Superman.

    Warner Bros/Getty
  • 8

    A Mime

    We have nothing to say...

    Ian Showell/Getty
  • 9

    Singing Bunnies

    Get a group of your girlfriends together and sing while Bag of Donuts are on break.

  • 10


    Dress like any of these guys and you'll be popular.

    Peter Cade/Getty
  • 11


    Dressing like one of the stars from MASH would be cool.

  • 12

    Merle Haggard

    Go as Merle Haggard, the ladies will love your hair.

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